Simmondsia Chinensis Oil

Products we use it in: Multi -Use Pure Oil Blend

What is Simmondsia Chinensis: It is commonly known as Jojoba Oil and is a liquid plant wax extracted from the seeds of the jojoba plant. It has a similar structure to human sebum making it easily absorbed into the skin and hair.

Why we use it: Jojoba oil is very potent and full of vitamins A, E, F and B complex, essential fatty acids, plant sterols and squalene. It also contains scalp-friendly minerals such as copper, zinc and selenium. This potent oil helps to speed up repair,  slow down aging of the cells, improves the natural function, protective barrier of the skin, soothes inflammation and fights free radicals. In addition, jojoba has a similar chemical structure as sebum (the oil your body produces naturally), making it a perfect ingredient for our Multi -Use Pure Oil Blend.

Other benefits: In addition it also helps to reduce water loss and dehydration, works as a natural UV filter, and due to it's light weight structure,  it is quickly absorbed and penetrates deeply into the scalp and skin thus strengthening the anagen hair.

 EWG Score: 1