H.H Cosmetics plays a part to end gender based violence

What it is

Gender-based violence (GBV) refers to acts that hurt, threaten, violate, force or restrict someone, and which are based in a gendered power structure. This gendered power structure uses perceptions of masculinity and femininity to create a rank order of gender, resulting in a power imbalance. Both men and women can be survivors/victims or perpetrators of GBV. However, statistics show that the majority of all GBV against women and girls is perpetrated by men.

why it is a problem

Gender-based violence against women is a widespread problem as it exists in all social classes, cultures and communities. It can have serious consequences for individuals, from grave physical harm to lasting psychological trauma. It is a systematic violation of women’s human rights. It silences women and prevents them from raising their voices.

To achieve gender equality, we must overcome gender-based violence. It is only when women are free from violence that they can fully participate fully in society.

This is how we stop it

The most effective way to reduce violence against women is to strengthen women’s organisations. These include local women's right organisations who are in direct contact with the communities and victims.

Our efforts

We have partnered with three organisations who are working tirelessly to combat gender based violence, day in, day out. We dedicate a percentage of what you spend with us to help fund these organisations. This means that when you shop with us, you automatically support women and children around the world who have fallen victim to GBV.