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"For many years I have suffered from Traction Alopecia. I have tried all the different products in the market to grow my hair back, but they never worked. Determined to grow my hair back, we set up a dedicated research & development team and over the course of three years, we finally formulated a cream that successfully repaired and grew my hair."

Hilda | Founder H.H Cosmetics

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H.H Hair Follicle Stimulant - 50ml

H.H Hair Follicle Stimulant - 50ml


It's not just working for me!

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Trichologists and Dermatologists have told me over the years. That I have no hope of getting new hair growth on my 15 year old bald patch. With little faith I purchased this product and I started using it.


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unique formulation

We research, formulate and manufacture every product from the ground up and every ingredient is sourced by us. We control every aspect of the manufacturing process and can therefore guarantee safe & high quality products. Our unique blend of certified ingredients work together to improve your scalp's health and create an environment for healthy hair to grow.

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money back guarantee

A large percentage of our users experience new hair growth paired with hair thickening, and reduced shedding well within the 365-days period.

However, we acknowledge that some users might experience less compatibility with our products. H.H Cosmetics therefore ensures that anyone who experiences no results after 365-days of using our Hair Growth Bundle - Pro, will qualify for a refund of their investment in our products.

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