Money-Back Guarantee

Finding Your Effective Treatment

Finding the right Hair Growth treatment for your hair can be a challenge. With so many different products out there it can be difficult to choose the right one for you. H.H Cosmetics understands this, therefore we offer you a money-back guarantee as we are confident that our products will end your search for the right product. 

How does our Money-Back Guarantee work?

To be fully eligible for our 365-day Money-Back Guarantee, you need to complete the following instructions:

1 Take two pictures of the affected area pre-treatment, one normal and one close-up. This will serve as your 'before' pictures. Make sure they are clear and not blurry.
2 Use our 12x our Starter Set - Large or medium for 12 consecutive months. Each set provides roughly 1 month supply.
3 Use our products as described. Detailed instructions always come with your package.
4 Take a two pictures every week of the treated area, again one normal and one close-up. Make sure they are all taken with the same angles and hair-style to visualize the progress. Again make sure that the pictures are clear and not blurry
5 Submit all pictures after 365 days of using our products. Make sure every pictures is time-stamped and in chronological order so that we can identify your monthly progress.
6 Kindly provide a brief description of how you used our products. Include if you skipped certain days, if you used other products (other hair growth serums, shampoo's, etc.), and if you experienced any complications. Your feedback helps us to improve our products and services.

How to take pictures

Pictures are only needed of the treated area, the pictures below are meant as a demonstration of how you can take a picture.

Money-Back Guarantee

A large percentage of our users experience new hair growth paired with hair thickening, and reduced shedding well within the 365-days period. However, we acknowledge that some users might experience less compatibility with our products. H.H Cosmetics therefore ensures that anyone who experiences no results after 365-days of using our Starter Set - Large or Medium, will qualify for a refund of their investment in our products. Please note that our guarantee does not cover all forms of hair loss. If you are in doubt whether your form of hair loss is covered, kindly contact our customer service.

Please note: You can only submit your application after you have used our products for at least 365 days and is only applicable to 12x Starter Set Medium or Large. Any submission made before this time-frame will be not be eligible. Find out how we review your application by visiting our terms & conditions page.