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Hair Care Bundle
Cameron B. (Alpharetta, US)
Actually moisturizes!

I'm so excited about this product. It actually moisturizes my hair!

Moisturizing Curl-Defining Butter
Felicia H. (Philadelphia, US)
Love, Love, Love Everything!

It works as advertised. And I love the fragrance. Very natural.

Making progress

So far so good, still too soon to say for sure that it’s working, but I’d say I can see small improvements and will keep using the products.

Hair Follicle Stimulant
M (Montrouge, FR)
After 1 mobth

Good result à little grow that is encouraging.

Hair Care Bundle
Farah (Elgin, US)

My hair was really suffering from hard water. It was becoming very dry and it was very difficult to get moisture into my hair. This line is exactly what my hair needed!

Hair Growth Bundle
Rahel T. (Birmingham, GB)
Amazing product

My first thought of the butter was not impressive but the when i followed the instruction it left my hair very happy and lovely my curls looked healthy. I will definitely buy again when i finish my bundle and vitamins i will review again.

Hair Growth Bundle
Janet O. (Ilford, GB)

I can see some difference. Even my nails are stronger

Hair Care Bundle
Joanna (Amsterdam, NL)
Hair care bundle

In 1 woord fantastisch! Dit zijn echt de beste producten die ik ooit heb gebruikt. De shampoo maakt mijn hoofdhuid en haar super schoon zonder dat het uitdroogt. Mijn haar is nog nooit zo zacht geweest. Enige “minpunt” is de geur, die vind ik echt niet lekker.

Hair Follicle Stimulant
BO (Croydon, GB)
It will work if used consistently

I have used it constantly for a month now and I have not actually seen any growth yet but I like the warmth and tingling feeling and also its not thick and drys quickly as the saying goes Rome was not built in day. I have just ordered my second Jar with the booster

Hair Growth Bundle
Nancy K. (Borne, NL)
Hair Growth


I've been using your products for hair growth now for one month and I have'nt noticed any change on my edges. Does this product really work???

At first I was a bit hesitant, but after watching other people’s testimonials and seeing their results, I figured I’d give it a shot. I lost some hair due to stress, and my edges were almost nonexistent. I tried different things for a while, but nothing seemed to work. A few weeks later, after I started taking the hair growth booster, I noticed my edges starting to grow back out. Which I didn’t think would be possible. I did not take any pictures, unfortunately. But this product is amazing to say the least!

Hair Growth Bundle
Abdirahman E. (Hackney, GB)

Highly recommend.

Hair Care Bundle
Natalie (Atlanta, US)

Just started using the items so I’m not able to give a fair review….thx

Black Soap Shampoo
laredo. (Belfast, GB)
Absolutely 💯 % Effective

I have been using the product for a while now and all I can say is wow....I can see visible result and confidence growing back

Moisturizing Thickening Gel
HiTea (Middlesex, GB)
Good multi-purpose product!

Although it is early days, I do like this product. It gives a lot of slip and smooths and conditions my hair if I twist or braid after cleansing. I also like that it is not heavily scented, which I don't like with some of these well-known hair products. I also like that it is a multi-purpose product too.

Hair Growth Bundle
Izi I. (Amsterdam, NL)

I see promise, the bald spots now have some new growth. But looking at giving a proper review after 3months of use.

Hair Growth Bundle
Cynthia B. (Lakeland, US)
First Time User

So far I REALLY enjoy the way this product feels on my scalp.

Hair Growth Bundle
Aziyah O. (Jacksonville, US)
Getting started!

I purchased the hair vitamin/follicle stimulant and the shampoo/conditioner bundle. I enjoy the shampoo because of the tingle it gives my scalp and how well it cleans. I am almost done with my second bottle of vitamins, I’m not sure I see a big difference yet but I do believe I see small changes happening with my hair. I do however notice how strong my nails have become. I plan to do at least a 3-4 month cycle of the vitamins to see it's full potential. I do also love the follicle cream because of the tingle it gives me. It’s like I feel it entering in my scalp. Can’t wait to see what these products do! I feel they have potential to benefit longterm.

Hair Follicle Stimulant
N.Oyinlola (Lagos, NG)
Hair stimulant

Just started. Looking forward to growth

Multi-Use Conditioner
Wendy G. (Nieuwegein, NL)
It is good!

I like everything from dem thanks you.

Hair Follicle Stimulant
Joshua A. (Hamburg, DE)

Am seeing changes:)

Hair Follicle Stimulant
Nkenro (Lauf, DE)
Thank you HH Cosmetics

The dermatologisch diagnosed me with an autoimmune disease(Lichen Planus). I Was losing my hair all oder my head. I've been using the hair growth bundle and hair Follicle Stimulant for almost 30 days now. My hair no longer break and i can already see a few hairs with smooth surfaces. ady see a few hairs with smooth surfaces.

Hair Growth Vitamins
Lorna G. (Hackney, GB)
Fantastic product

I have been using H.H Cosmetics for a while now, love them, my hair looks better, feels better and smells fabulous and the vitamins taste lovely. I love all your products and will be buying more and have been buying more. Thank you.

Hair Growth Vitamins
Angela H. (Indianapolis, US)
I absolutely love these Products.

I ordered the vitamins, shampoo, leave in, and gel. I can’t swallow pills so this liquid version hair vitamin is exactly what I need. The taste is good. And the ingredients in the vitamins is great for hair growth and hair health. My twists outs are lasting the full week with the leave in/gel combo. I will definitely repurchase.

Hair Growth Bundle
Shu M. (Eindhoven, NL)
It works

Love it i can see already different