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Hair Growth Bundle
Cynthia B. (Lakeland, US)
First Time User

So far I REALLY enjoy the way this product feels on my scalp.

Hair Growth Bundle
Aziyah O. (Jacksonville, US)
Getting started!

I purchased the hair vitamin/follicle stimulant and the shampoo/conditioner bundle. I enjoy the shampoo because of the tingle it gives my scalp and how well it cleans. I am almost done with my second bottle of vitamins, I’m not sure I see a big difference yet but I do believe I see small changes happening with my hair. I do however notice how strong my nails have become. I plan to do at least a 3-4 month cycle of the vitamins to see it's full potential. I do also love the follicle cream because of the tingle it gives me. It’s like I feel it entering in my scalp. Can’t wait to see what these products do! I feel they have potential to benefit longterm.

Hair Follicle Stimulant
N.Oyinlola (Lagos, NG)
Hair stimulant

Just started. Looking forward to growth

Multi-Use Conditioner
Wendy G. (Nieuwegein, NL)
It is good!

I like everything from dem thanks you.

Hair Follicle Stimulant
Joshua A. (Hamburg, DE)

Am seeing changes:)

Hair Follicle Stimulant
Nkenro (Lauf, DE)
Thank you HH Cosmetics

The dermatologisch diagnosed me with an autoimmune disease(Lichen Planus). I Was losing my hair all oder my head. I've been using the hair growth bundle and hair Follicle Stimulant for almost 30 days now. My hair no longer break and i can already see a few hairs with smooth surfaces. ady see a few hairs with smooth surfaces.

Hair Growth Vitamins
Lorna G. (Hackney, GB)
Fantastic product

I have been using H.H Cosmetics for a while now, love them, my hair looks better, feels better and smells fabulous and the vitamins taste lovely. I love all your products and will be buying more and have been buying more. Thank you.

Hair Growth Vitamins
Angela H. (Indianapolis, US)
I absolutely love these Products.

I ordered the vitamins, shampoo, leave in, and gel. I can’t swallow pills so this liquid version hair vitamin is exactly what I need. The taste is good. And the ingredients in the vitamins is great for hair growth and hair health. My twists outs are lasting the full week with the leave in/gel combo. I will definitely repurchase.

Hair Growth Bundle
Shu M. (Eindhoven, NL)
It works

Love it i can see already different


Moisturizing Thickening Gel
Zayvienne I. (Amsterdam, NL)
the Hair Growth Bundle

I received the Hair Growth Bundle, 20 days ago. It was well packed and protected in the box. Since those days, I have started using these products. They smell very good and the taste is also good. I'm curious for the results.

Hair Follicle Stimulant
Jennifer P. (Tottenham, GB)
hair growth booster and hair follicles stimulant

like the tingling feeling on scalp and love the supplement

Hair Growth Vitamins
Maira (Utrecht, NL)
Really works

I've been using the hair growth vitamins for about 6 months now. My edges are fully grown back, hair is longer and thicker, almost the same as it was in my twenties. The vitamins really works!

I'm absolutely in love!! I saw a major difference in both mine and my daughters hair!!

Hair Follicle Stimulant
Hannah (Boston, US)
In love!

I’m so happy to have found this hair company! These products make my hair feel amazing. I highly recommend trying these products. I really respect the company for not only the quality of the products but the quality of customer service. Thank you

Hair Growth Bundle
N.v.Z. (Fijnaart, NL)
Top service

Eerste bestelling gedaan, en nu een tweede bestelling communicatie gaat heel snel. Ik vergat iets bij mijn bestelling contact opgenomen met HH cosmetics en mijn bestelling kon alsnog aangepast worden. Bestelling was ook keurig netjes en zorgvuldig ingepakt. Echt top service.
HH cosmetics jullie zijn echte toppers geweldig. Tot snel weer.

Hair Care Bundle
Angela A. (Lomé, TG)
We love HH cosmetics

The scent of the shampoo is amazing. The leave in , gel , butter are really efficient on my 12y daughter’s high ultra dry hair. The curls are defined, hydrated, juicy. We just have to spray water every day to reveal the products. We are seduced !

Hair Growth Bundle
Anderson W. (Berlin, DE)

Amazing products that are helping with my hair loss and giving me more self-esteem. Thanks HH team.

Hair Care Bundle
Anderson W. (Berlin, DE)

The shampoo and conditioner are amazing, my hair never felt so light and soft. I highly recommend these products, my only point is that the shampoo doesn't foam a lot, but that doesn't stop it from acting as it should. Thank you HH team.

Hi Ms. William,

Thank you for your wonderful review! We're delighted to hear that you've had such a positive experience with our shampoo and conditioner. It's great to know that your hair feels light and soft after using our products.

Regarding the foaming issue, we appreciate your feedback. You're absolutely right; foaming doesn't necessarily equate to cleanliness. In fact, excessive foaming can often be a sign of harsh chemicals. We're committed to providing natural and effective hair care solutions, and we're continuously working on improving our formulas to ensure they meet the highest standards while remaining gentle on your hair and the environment.

Thank you for trusting and choosing our products. We look forward to continuing to provide you with exceptional hair care. If you have any more feedback or suggestions, please don't hesitate to reach out. Your input is invaluable to us.

Hair Growth Vitamins
Miss R. (Melbourne, US)
I love constant, good results

I'm enjoying this product, I notice this is a product can't be used with another product at all. I must use H.H Cosmetics entire line alone in order to get good results every time . Yeah, I tried it. Adding another product in while using H.H line. And my results weren't the same. I'm still loving this product. I place another order because I'm crazy about the Gel. The gel had my curls popping, shiny, and long lasting for days!. I'm a customer for life.

Hair Growth Bundle
Wesley L. (Duisburg, DE)
Hair growth bundle

Great products to use for hair growth, I haven't yet have new growth will try to purchase again.

Hair Follicle Stimulant
Imani F. (New York, US)

Hair Follicle Stimulant

I really love theses products and they really work.

The shampoo is very strong so be careful with your eyes .
The size should be a little bigger.
I would buy again but the shipment takes longer then expect.
Overall the product is great with 4c hair

Hair Care Bundle
Fanny M. (Nandy, FR)
Je découvre et je vais poursuivre.

Je suis ravie d'être tombée sur cette gamme de produits. Les vitamines ont vraiment 1 bon goût. Les produits capillaires sentent bon. Je comment à voir des résultats au niveau de mes ongles. J'attends la suite maintenant concernant mes cheveux...