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We research, formulate and manufacture every product from the ground up and every ingredient is sourced by us. We control every aspect of the manufacturing process and can therefore guarantee safe & high quality products. Our unique blend of certified ingredients work together to improve your scalp's health and create an environment for healthy hair to grow.

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Hair loss (especially for women) is something very personal and a very lonely experience. I believe that no one can understand that feeling except the ones who have or the ones experiencing it that truly understand it.

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Real testimony

by Olabisi

Trichologists and Dermatologists have told me over the years. That I have no hope of getting new hair growth on my 15 year old bald patch. With little faith I purchased this product and I started using it.

Real testimonial

by lyn

I have been battling hair loss around my edges for over 5 years. I had tried so many products and nothing worked for me.

Real testimonial

By Emanuele

I suffered a nasty scalp burn and I tried every remedy possible, every ways and means to just get my hair coming back.

Real testimonial

by christine

First time round after about 7 days of using it, I've noticed where the hair was receding there is new growth.

Real Testimonial

by sher

I tried many products, I tried many serums and none of them really worked. So I tried this one. And it does work, it really really does.

Real testimonial

by yemesi

My hair has been challenging over the last 20 years. I lost most of my hairline during my pregnancies. When I heard the reviews about these products I was excited. I tried it out and it worked amazingly well on my hair.

real testimonial

by constance

I lost the side of my hair due to Alopecia. I was very worried. But when it came and I started using it, I started seeing results within weeks.

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