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Amazing magic

My hairline was stressing me out as it has gone total bald. I thought nothing will repair this damage then along came HH cosmetic you are my super heroes. Thank you for your amazing products . I am taking the supplement drink too everyday as I use the stimulate cream. I have ordered more supplements and creams. Thank you for giving me hope that my hairline can recover.

I have baby hairs

My hair has thickened all over and a little bald patch in my kitchen has enough hair and growth to have it’s own two-strand twist. The only challenge I had was having to reduce the oral supplement due to caffeine sensitivity. I am perimenopausal and caffeine triggers the hot flashes.
I have tried a lot of topical and oral products and nothing brought such visible results inside of 30 days.

I've got long dread locks, and instructions are wash your hair twice a day before that is not possible for me as my hair can take up to 24 hours to dry so that means my hair would be constantly wet so it is of no use to me

H and H cosmetics

The product really works. I strongly recommend, you just need to be patient.

Great Product

I started using HH products aboutv6 weeks ago, and I can visibly see the change in hair growth. Great product, I definitely recommend it.

Nice product great gains.

I’ve been using this product for almost a year now. I was almost bold on top. Now I’ve gained many new hair.

H.H Hair Growth Bundle - Medium

The Best product ever

I am continuously amazing with the products, I see improvement everyday. The oil is a multipurpose one, I love using it soon after shower, my skin is glowing and moisturised, my hair is nice soft. I am recommending the products to as many people as possible because they notice the difference on my hair.

Thicker Hair & Longer Lashes

After 2 weeks of using this supplement, I noticed my hairline becoming thicker and surprisingly my eyelashes are also longer and stronger! Just received my second bottle and I am sticking with this product, it does more than the supplements I was taking from a well known trichologist centre.

It works beyond expectations.

I have tried, coconut oil, I have tried Aloevera, and many more to no avail, already given up when I saw the advert of HH, but because the advert condemned all the oil products I used before, so I have the feelings that this might work and infact it did. Am glad I did.

My hair has grown 🙏 (6 months review)

No long essay this time. Just want to share some pics of my journey so far. 6 monthd and i'm still using the cream & supplement drinks everyday. I have also trimmed my hair so it can be all at the same length. I am so so happy with this amazing God sent product and it has helped me regain my confidence back. Yes slow but sure. I have been patience since Day 1.

Thank you so much HH Cosmetics.

Great hair treatment!

I used only once so I don't know quite what it will do for my hair. I did notice it made my scalp feel good and it was not itchy. It very heavy on my hair and looked like it was wet all day! I may use on a day i'm not going anywhere. I thought I was on another site when I ordered the set.


Had thinning in middle of t hair used product for one month applying every two days asper instructions and its working hair growth is improving according to my hairdresser and evidence by me looking in two mirrors. Just ordered the value pack (booster drink and hair stimulant) will keep you posted. Overall very satisfied.


Very very fast delivery!

H.H Hair Follicle Stimulant - 100ml


I don’t do feedback

Hair follicle stimulator

Have to say, this stuff is brilliant, lost quite a lot of my already fine thinning hair due to covid, when the hairdessing salons reopened I managed to get an appointment but she was shocked at how thin my hair had really gone but was impressed by the baby hair regrowth I am currently experiencing.
I will be buying again soon as my crown of hair looks a lot better now too.

Excellent products..Does exactly what it says..

I love the products!! If you suffer with dandruff or itchy scalp, this is the shampoo to buy!! I suffer from itchy scalp and have used a couple of products, most of what you buy in stores have aggressive levels of menthol but not this shampoo, it feels gentle and at the same time leaves your scalp clean, I absolutely love it!! The tingling sensation on your scalp and minty scent is refreshing. Its best to initially shampoo to treat my scalp and help breakdown products then follow it with the conditioner to obtain desired softness

Icing on the cake

Having been a regular user of the hair follicle stimulant and hair growth booster for a few months now with good progress, coming across and trying out the shampoo, conditioner and oil for me can be described as the icing on the cake. The shampoo is kind and gentle to my now curly permed hair as well as that of my daughter's natural hair. It has got a menthol effect/ feeling which for me taclkles my dry scalp soothingly. Ilike that the conditioner and oil are both multipurpose use. I have used the conditioner for instant and deep conditioning so far and will be using it as a leave in also as well as a detangler for my daughter's thick hair. The products are working for me. It does take persistence and patience though. I recommend using the whole system (if able to) for efficient results.

Hair care bundle

Very happy with my purchase. Glad you’re able to provide new products. Shampoo is fantastic, love the smell and it leaves my hair feeling clean and rejuvenated. The conditioner makes it so soft. I use the oil alongside the stimulant. My hair growth journey is slow but I intend to continue. I’m hoping for greater results. Thanks HH Cosmetics. I have faith in your products.

Shampoo and Conditioner

H.H hair products are the best ❤️ !!! I love how the shampoo cleanses my scalp,love the minty feeling and each time i use these it feels like my scalp saying thank you. There's always this refreshing feeling after every use. The Conditioner also leaves my hair very soft and i love the texture these products have given my hair. H.H you know already that your products have given me hope when i thought there was nothing but maybe hair transplant left for me out there. I love love love my hair regrowth journey with your products and now with a complete kit,i am so excited. Looking forward to even much better results than before. Thank you H.H. i would recommend H.H products anyday, anytime and to everyone. Please try these products, follow instructions,be consistent,be patient and thank the company later❤️❤️❤️
OH! NOT started using my multipurpose oil yet☺️

Hair Growth

I bought the product for my son and we have seen positive results. Cheers!!

The best hair loss product in 2021

I am over the moon with HH Cosmetics. Your products produce results instantly. I have the privilege of using the shampoo, conditioner and oil, three times a week and my hair texture has improved, growing, glowing and soft. This multipurpose oil is a miracle oil, I use it on my body soon after a shower or deep soak bath and the result is amazing, leaving my skin feeling soft and smooth. HH Cosmetics thanks very much, your products have bought joy in my family as I use the products on my kids too.


Can’t really give feedback right now only just started using the product just over a week. But saying that it feels really nice on my hair. Fingers crossed I will see the improvements am looking for.