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Starter Set - Small
Morenikeji Abiola Popoola

The product was excellent

H.H Hair Follicle Stimulant - 100ml
Christine Thomas Lummis
MRS Christine Lummis

Received my purchase in good condition plus it is working I do see hairs starting to grow.

Starter Set - Medium
Richard Asamoah
Good communication

Thanks for all , complete and great item.

Very good product

Since I started using this product my hair is growing gradually.

Hh cosmetics pure oil blend

Thank you hh cosmetics for this amazing product, this hh cosmetics pure oil has help my beard and skin look amazing. I bought 2 of the oils for myself and for my mum and even she like the hh cosmetics oil , she said that the oil worked well on her legs and face and she really loved the ingredients in the oil . Thank you so much for this amazing oil .

H.H Reviver Cleanser
Delrose West

Does what it says on the bottle

Amazing God sent product

No long essay - it has worked & continue to work, my hair journey been amazing. Thank you HH Cosmetics & Thank You Lord....GB your company 🙏🙏

These products work

I've been using H.H Cosmetics' products for about a month now. I got the starter kit and I highly recommend it. I wish I'd taken a photo of day one but after just a month I can see the hair in the front that had disappeared growing back. If you have a problem with hair loss, do give it a try.

Works wonders

I have been using it for the past 5 months at it works. Go for it.

Black soap shampoo

Best shampoo, the peppermint is incredible for growth. My hair is slowly recovering and actually this is my 3rd product purchase.

I will be coming back again and again.


Excellent and fast delivery

I bought the product for my daughter and I and it arrived quicker than I expected

H.H Reviver Cleanser
Christine Edwards
Compliment reviving roller

This is a cleanser to use with the reviving roller that have a form of tiny pin like spokes. When used it is supposed to open the pores more and this cleanser will cleanse and disinfect making it sterile to used again. Will order agin

H.H Reviving Roller
Christine Edwards
Im getting there noe and pores opened up more

Since using this roller it is helping to wake up dormant roots. It is getting there and have small grey baby hairs growing from where hair had gone over 20 years ago. I dont expect overnight results because the hairline dissappeared years ago and need time for it to come back fully. I have hope abd positive my full hairline will come back. I have bought and used every single product HH Cosmetics sell with fantantic results. Stronger and healthier hair.

Starter Set

Now, this set is a true example of no pain,no gain. Been using this set for over 4 weeks now and all i see is amazing results. I feel like the roller doubles the results of the hair follicles treatment. While using my roller,I can see some really stubborn spots filling up. Yaayyy! I'm excited to see what my hair would look like after 3 months. Thank you H.H for amazing products and for the hard work you continuously put in with your customers in mind ❤️. For anyone on this journey like I'm, consistency is Key!

H.H Hair Follicle Stimulant

I am loving this product I am slowly seeing the results of hair growth especially around my hairline and my hair front as it was really thin but gradually getting thick.

Mr Cole

I could see hair growth after a week, I will continue using product and monitor one of the best products on the market stay blessed.

My experience

I like the smell of the hair growth cream and the liquid booster. I also like the feel on the scalp after applying the cream. For the last two months, I have used the products committedly as advised.
I have had smooth bald patches on my scalp for over three years now. and started applying HH products almost two months ago. I haven't noticed improvement on the smooth bald patches but on places that weren't smooth there is notably very fine hair growth.
On the other hand, I have heard my friends and family say that my skin is glowing so I am attributing this to the Liquid Hair Booster.
I will persist in using the products at least for six months, then I will be able to give a full verdict.
I would however say that the products are slightly on the expensive side especially the roller considering that your advice is to change it after every tenth use.

Liquid hair growth supplement

Good taste, definitely notice some new hair growth

Starter Set - Small
Perfect hair cream. H.H Cosmetics

It's Amazing. I started noticing new hair growth after 10days of applying the cream. Good stuff

I am happy

It's working

H&H Hair & Body oil

After reading the list of ingredients l was excited to try this oil on my hair.I really like how my hair feels,super moisturised without feeling over loaded.I used straight after washing my hair to help with my twist out & it delivered lovely soft curls.l would order this again.

Growth is finally happening

For years I have been trying to cover my crown which was bald. Tried everything until your product came along

Hair lost

I've been using the starter kit for just a month and notice significant growth.

I like it

I m happy with this practice is good and I m happy with it thank you

Starter Set - Medium
Angela Vaughan
Great Products

This is my second order, I've not seen any OMG growth results as yet, and it's been a couple of months but I am not expecting a quick miracle. When I looked into this I decided I would give it 6 months to really monitor any change. I am using all of the products, leave in conditioner, shampoo, sealing moisturiser and what I will say is the difference I have noticed in the condition of my hair, its feels healthier, less dry and there is a lot less coming out when I comb it.

The marketing of these products is also great, I like the personal touch that has been put into all of the products, everything comes in individually sealed packaging and there is a glossy information leaflet that details each of the products and usage in each order. Even though I am ordering from the UK the delivery timeline is great. Even if this product doesn't result in a lot of hair regrowth in my trouble spots I am pleased to have stumbled across it.