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The product has worked!!

I started using H H cosmetics for nearly a month because after loosing my mother to dementia my locks fell out, I have used other products however I still had a bald patch. It is still early days but I have seen an improvement. I would recommend this product friends and family.

Hair Growth

I have been using the Hair Follicle Stimulant for a few weeks and have begun to see regrowth, which is very positive, especially as I had tried different products in the past with no real success.

Excellent Products.

I purchased the medium size Hsir growth bundle recently. The hair follicle stimulant has been improved on and this new size is good value for money! I am excited and enjoying the products!

Amazing product.

It's a good experience using the H.H cosmetics products. My hair has improved and am happy to continue using it and also recommend it to as many that suffered from traction Alopecia . It worked for me and am very happy with the product 💕💕

H.H Hair Follicle Stimulant - 100ml
Mapule Masemola-Ralehika
Great product

Great product and I can notice the improvement in the hair. I wish the size was bigger.

Absolutely amazing

Amazing products, doing exactly what it’s meant for! Definitely will buy again

Am very Very happy with my products I can already see the results. Will be ordering soon and I've recommended it to my friend.

Good product

Bought this to help with my receding hair line... so far so good..

Effective products.


It works but I also know it’s a gradual process

Lovely Products

It’s still early days for me to give a fair and honest review. I took some before pictures which I am going to use for my 3 months review. For now I can only comment on the speedy delivery and great customer.service. Also the vitamin drink takes amazing!

Absolutelt Fantastic curling butter

Thus is great for natural hair. Locks in curls and keeps moisture in. Work very well with the oil. Im never going to use any other products other than HH Cosmetics


Saw a video of these products, but wasn’t sure if I should try it or not. I noticed my hair was thinning and falling out I tried lots of things to see if I could get it to pick back up and start to grow back but nothing seemed to work, until now!!
I’ve been using the hair ointment and the booster drink and what a difference!! Not only has it started to pick back up but growing a lot thicker. I will definitely continue to use these amazing products 💕


IVE BEEN USING THE CREAM ONLY NOW FOR JUST OVER ONE MONTH, IE TWICE A DAY, NO definite change yet,but I realise that I am working with my normal hair circle,and as I don't know at what stage that is,I'm really not expecting to see any marked difference for maybe another 2 months, I'm going to give it a 3 months try if there is no visible change then,I think to proceed any further will be futile, so we will see,thanks John,

It’s a very good product

Is really amazing
I love it

Great product

I am really impressed by this product.

Too early to give a full review

Feeling very positive about the hair cream. It’s early days so I can’t give a full review on how the product has worked but my hair feels great so far.

Amazing product

I have seen a dramatic change in the thickness of my hairline, giving it sometime for mor thickness and growth.

Absolutely Fantastic, EVeryone needs to get this, the whole bundle for maximum results

I Have been using this since Feb after an advert on Facebook. Very positive reviews so decided I needed to try. After a few weeks the balding hairline is sprouting hair now. I sent pictures of the journey in my first review. After my first order finished, I got the juice this time with another bottle of hair cream and this is amazing. This is now finished and I now have the oil, shampoo conditioner and hair butter. I must say the shampoo is brilliant. Leaves your hair clean and a tingling feeling as with the conditioner. The oil works great because you need this in your hair journey to keep your hair moist and beautiful. I notice it also locks in the curs and moisture. The butter cream is out of this World. If you your hair is natural, it really locks in the beautiful curls for the day and makes hair look so healthy and shines. I am very happy with all products and will not be using anything else. It is worth paying the extra just for healthy beautiful hair. My hairline is slowly coming back and my first picture shows a lot of hair missing in hairline. Now hair is coming back and for a 60 year old with thinning hair, it is now fuller, healthier and now my hairline looks a lot better. I still have a long way to go but will continue because I have every confidence in HH and know in a years time or less all my hairline will return the was really bald with no hair follicle but now it is coming back.. I do recommend if you gettting the cream or just one item, best to get the oil as well to keep hair moist and prevent from drying.


I love the follicle cream. I am seeing and feeling growth and thickness. This product works!

Hair and body product

I am very pleased with my purchases. I love the body and hair lotion. Its not too greasy. I use it on my body and hair. Great!


These products are great. They have your scalp tingling and feeling so soft. The vitamins taste very fruity. Love the bundle I got will order more.

H.H Hair Care Bundle - Medium
Constance Ntim-Adu
My hair is much better

After using these hair products my hair though short is now fuller than before. Looks great and manageable. I feel confident. Every body who knows me and knew my hair condition is happy for me. Thanks to you. I just don't know what to say again but my hair says it all. Thanks

Cleansing Regime

I did not want to give a review on these productions until I used them for at least 2 months. However, I have decided to give my honest opinion with regards to the Shampoo, Conditioner and Follicle Stimulant. I started using these products in May and I can honestly say that I have noticed how clean my scalp feels when I wash my hair and the conditioner is amazing. My hair and scalp feel completely different. My hair feels thicker and looks thicker. It looks black rather than an off black.
I really look forward to washing my hair. I would normally wash my hair once a week as it was a real chore to get my hair to look thick and full as I would rely on the build-up of the hair products I was using. Now I wash my hair twice a week.
When I post again I will upload a before and after picture but my next post will not be for at least another months as I am trying out the liquid hair growth supplement and the sealing/moisturising curl butter.
I love these products. If I had to change anything, it would be the smell of the hair and body pure oil blend.