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Really works

Finally a product which really works, my edges are growing again.

I've definarely noticed the difference since I've started using the product and will continue. I've used so many different products in the past and have not been this satisfied

Hair regrowth

I saw hh cosmetics on Facebook and decided to give a try on my patches from alopecia areata but after 41 days I've seen great difference with new hair growth and will definitely buy it again to complete my hair growing process. Highly recommended

Surprised of results

I cannot tell of the impact the product has had on my scalp - other than the comments From my barber.

“Are you using something on your scalp? There seems to be some growth happening there”

Those words are encouraging for me. I will know for sure the impact after around 3 months usage

It’s working

I have seen some changes, and going to continue to use . 👍🏿👍🏿


Absolutely amazing product my nails are stronger and growing fast. My hair hadn’t shown the same as I still have the patches which has a few hair growth here and there.

Great results

Since I have been using this product I have seen great results with my hair line. Lots of new growth and the crown area has gotten much thicker which is very encouraging as I was very concerned about it thinning. I’m not sure if the tonic is making a difference as yet as I have not completed the bottle. One thing for sure I will be purchasing the hair cream again. So go ahead and give it a try it will boost your self esteem.

Very good hair is growing were it was bald will continue to use to get inches on my sides

Product is good

I applied the cream and put a shower cap. The tingling sensation was amazing. I've washed my hair and it looks soft and supple. The shedding also decreased considerably. Will recommend product.
Shipping was also quicker than I expected.

7th Review - 4th month of using this amazing product

My before and after picture below.

Consistency and Patience is Key. GB you all HH Cosmetics 🙏🙏

Good product

I have been using this for a while and i have seen notable results

Amazing results

We started using this cream early December.
Based on the reviews I had read i decided to try this product on myself and my mother who has seen the greatest improvement but we have some ways to go for us both.
On the 5th day of using this product we noticed mums bald spot was beginning to grow.
I have ordered this twice now and mum is eager to order some more.
We are very happy with this product.

I can't believe that my hair is coming back

As I said in the title it's unbelievable that I can get my look back . Truly, H-H Cosmetic is the best product for hairs grow and scalp treatment in the world. I recommend this product to anyone with hair loss problem.

I am following instructions on use diligently. I am being very patient. Are you developing other products, shampoo/conditioner. My hair feels very dry and as you recommend not using other products, it is difficult to know what to put on it.

5 stars for service and delivery.

I don’t feel I can judge the product itself until I have used it for a little longer and given it a fair amount of time to do its magic.



I can see why you have absolute trust in your product. Works like long as it is used consistently. First time l am seeing baby hairs where l have never ever seen before! Off to order more. You are on to a good thing here, l tell you! More discounts, please? 😉

H.H Hair Follicle Stimulant - 100ml

The Best Hair Products !

Since i started using H.H products,my hair growth journey has been exciting as i see how my bald spots are closing up . It is Indeed a gradual journey due to the nature of the hairloss i had. but i can assure anyone who has doubts about these products that with patience and consistency, you'll get your hair back. Thank you so much H.H Cosmetics for giving me the best products and also excellent service.❤️

Thinning hair.

My hair is looking much better.
Thank you HH

Amazing Product

I am so grateful that I found this product. The miracle continues on my head through the is product. Since I started steaming after applying the follicle stimulant I have seen a drastic growth. It feels good to experience a full head of healthy hair. I am telling everyone about the product. Thanks H H Cosmetics for giving my hair back.


I have lots my confidence to expose my natural hair due to hair lost for the past 10 years always wearing wigs untill I came cross this HH cosmetic on facebook. At first I wasn't sure but after using the product for 4 week is has been amazine, i have seen hair growing and for the first time in year am confident to show my hair without any wigs. I have recommended this product to my family and friends to see this amazine product.

Edge hair growth

Seeing great improvement on my hair

It's absolutely amazing

I tried the product for one month , I feel my hair is healthy and growing fast
Thanks so much 🙏

Excellent product

Does exactly what it says. Never believed I would ever regrow my edges even as I wasn’t serious and consistent.

HH cosmetics cream

I really love the cream , it has made great changes to my hair and I am happy with the progression I have made thanks to Hh cosmetics. 👍

6th Review for this amazing product

This is my 6th review for this amazing product. Yes Yes it is working - my journey started in Sept then i shaved all my hair in Oct, now 3 months of using this product and i Have thick full hair🙏🙏😭😭. I believe it will work, I prayed about it, and most off all i have patience all the time. Seeing my hair growing everyday is a life changing & all my scalp that use to.have thin hair growing on them now it's all covered. HH Cosmetics you should be proud of yourselves. I washed my hair as per the instructions(every 2 days for me) i wear shower cap after and it helped alot. Consistency and Patience is Key. God bless.