Do you know that throughout your life span, hair loss is actually inevitable? On average, we lose around 50 -100 hairs a day without even realising, through daily activities such as brushing and washing but excessive hair loss, however, is another story.

An increase in your usual hair loss can be caused by several factors, from hereditary conditions to something as simple as a lack of vitamins within your diet. Having battled hair loss myself I can firmly ascertain that it is indeed a very particular emotional journey that only those who have experienced it will know the true feeling. Your hair is your identity, and when it sheds, it feels like your sense of self is going with it.

Hair loss effects millions of people worldwide, so don’t worry you are not alone, and we are here to help you with our top tips, advise and revolutionary signature treatments to put hair loss to a stop. Luckily, there are several ways to keep your locks looking loved and healthy!


Hair health begins at the scalp. Scalp-care is said to be the new haircare. Try to picture your hair as a garden. A bed of flowers can’t grow without nourishing soil, and the same goes for your hair! Revitalize the scalp, and your hair will follow.

To build a strong foundation for healthy hair to grow, start swapping out your normal shampoo with synthetics and opt for a natural clarifying and moisturising shampoo like our HH African Black Soap Shampoo. This will remove dead skin cell build-up, unclog follicles, and ultimately bring life back into your hair.
In addition it will renew the scalp while delivering a soft, smooth and nourished after-feel.

Another easy and effective tip for maintaining a healthy scalp is to protect it from UV rays. Unfortunately, the scalp is often exposed to the sun with no protection; however, it should be treated the same as the skin anywhere else on the body.
So grab that hat or apply your HH Multi Use Leave - In Conditioner.


Try to limit wearing tight hairstyles, which put tension on the hair follicles and cause damage and breakage. No need to give up ponytails forever, but be mindful of how many days in a row you wear them and try switching to a gentler hair-tie brand. 


Telogen Effluvium is a form of temporary hair loss resulting from stress, illness, or trauma. During a lifestyle change, the body tends to become imbalanced hormonally or chemically, impacting your hair-growth cycle.
Telogen Effluvium can last for 4 - 6 months after an illness or event.
‘With this type of hair loss, it’s not permanent and the good news is that it never results in complete baldness. With proper hair-care and health care regimen your hair will eventually grow back.

Hair loss among women is an extremely common struggle. Believe it or not, 50% of women will go through some form of hair loss by the age of 50! However, it does not have to rule your life. Patience and Consistency is key when it comes to hair and scalp care. To the add the icing on the cake, implementing simple natural hair-care habits will tremendously help you through the hair-loss journey. 

Here at HH Cosmetics we guarantee you products that will never compromise your health, but restore, beautify and explicitly deliver on what is promised.


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thank you for your information regarding hair loss, you have provided information on different type of hair loss but not on hereditary hair loss Would your products still be valid for people with hereditary hair loss

Karen Graham September 21, 2022

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