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H.H Hair Growth Bundle - Small

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Everything you need to grow your hair

For best results, we highly recommend using both our H.H Follicle Stimulant  to stimulate, awaken & strengthen the hair follicle (anagen bulb) and our drinkable H.H Hair Growth Booster to replenish the insufficient vital vitamins needed by the body for healthy hair growth and your overal healthy well being. They both work to naturally stop the production of the DHT Endogenous Androgen that causes hair loss in both women and men.

  • REAL PROOF | REAL RESULTS: See how I grew my hair back HERE.

Use both our H.H Follicle Stimulant to stimulate the hair roots (anagen bulb) and our drinkable H.H Vitamin Supplements to replenish the insufficient vital vitamins needed by the body for healthy hair growth. They both naturally stop the production of the DHT endogenous androgen which is a result of hormones fluctuating in the body causing less production of estrogen which leads to hair loss.

The Hair Growth Bundle - Small consists of: 

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Customer Reviews

Based on 88 reviews
Amazing God sent product

No long essay - it has worked & continue to work, my hair journey been amazing. Thank you HH Cosmetics & Thank You Lord....GB your company 🙏🙏

Esmeralda Donacie
I am happy

It's working

Rosie Stapleton
The product has worked!!

I started using H H cosmetics for nearly a month because after loosing my mother to dementia my locks fell out, I have used other products however I still had a bald patch. It is still early days but I have seen an improvement. I would recommend this product friends and family.

Edmund Boahen
Good product

Bought this to help with my receding hair line... so far so good..


Saw a video of these products, but wasn’t sure if I should try it or not. I noticed my hair was thinning and falling out I tried lots of things to see if I could get it to pick back up and start to grow back but nothing seemed to work, until now!!
I’ve been using the hair ointment and the booster drink and what a difference!! Not only has it started to pick back up but growing a lot thicker. I will definitely continue to use these amazing products 💕

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