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H.H Hair Growth Bundle - Medium

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Everything you need to grow your hair

For best results, we highly recommend using both our H.H Follicle Stimulant  to stimulate, awaken & strengthen the hair follicle (anagen bulb) and our drinkable H.H Hair Growth Booster to replenish the insufficient vital vitamins needed by the body for healthy hair growth and your overal healthy well being. They both work to naturally stop the production of the DHT Endogenous Androgen that causes hair loss in both women and men.

  • REAL PROOF | REAL RESULTS: See how I grew my hair back HERE.

Use both our H.H Follicle Stimulant to stimulate the hair roots (anagen bulb) and our drinkable H.H Vitamin Supplements to replenish the insufficient vital vitamins needed by the body for healthy hair growth. They both naturally stop the production of the DHT endogenous androgen which is a result of hormones fluctuating in the body causing less production of estrogen which leads to hair loss.

The Hair Growth Bundle - Medium consists of: 

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  • Customer Reviews

    Based on 33 reviews
    Barbara Newton
    Slow progress

    I have had traction alopecia for about 14 years and have small bald and thinning areas but I have been using the hair follicle stimulant and liquid hair growth booster. Not see much new hair growth in the bald and thinning area but hair is becoming thicker and longer. So can't complain. Will be putting in my next order today and I will try the shampoo and conditioner as well.


    I have been using your products because my edges has fallen out I have noticed that it’s be growing back slowly

    Dyayae Stylianou
    Continued success - Over the moon!!!

    On my 4th tub of the hair regrowth programme and I have to say I still haven't been disappointed with its efficacy. Although now I am eager to see just how far this will go. I am not sure if I have been using it totally according to recommendations which are clearly labelled on the tub and yet I have seen significant regrowth. The hairline seems to be filling in and I have noticed a significant growth in the crown area, particular where there hasn't been any hair growth for many many years! Can only imagine what the results would be had I followed the instructions and advise to the letter. Please, please, please try this product out - you won't be disappointed and read the instructions properly. I can't recommend this enough. Thank you, thank you, thank you H-H Mwahhhhhhhhh

    Galina Späth

    H.H Hair Growth Bundle - Medium

    Elizabeth Etim

    H.H Hair Growth Bundle Deal Special

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